About us

My Tumbler

is a dynamic and young company devoted to innovation and new products.


Thanks to the owner’s experience and know-how in injection molding of plastic materials, we can realize top quality products.
Dragged by passion for the beauty, we apply new technology to succeed in meeting nowadays customers’ needs: quality, sustainability, design and functionality.


All our products are manufactured in Italy. From the design to the prototype up to the finished items are carried out in our factory.
We believe in social commitment and ethics that we apply both with our workers and partners. We specially support women and young people’s work.
myTumbler is eco-friendly: our products respect the environment and are sustainable.

MyTumbler is
eco-friendly and sustainable

If you are a sustainable consumer, but also a design fan, then you may be interested in our development into bio-plastic range.

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Our Team

Massimo, Alice, Meri...
Owner and mind of the project
Massimo is the innovating leader, a technological mind, capable to transform new concepts into products.
Customer Service and Sales
She takes care of customers’ requests always with a smile and kindness.
Administration and Logistics
She takes everything under control, from order and production plans to shipment.